Monday, November 17, 2008


    Author Stephanie Meyer has created a four book phenomenon called the Twilight series. The series tell the story of a girl and a vampire who fall in love. The first book called twilight has ben made into a movie that will hit theaters in a few days. The fan base could easily be bigger than that of Harry Potter. 
    Is this new author Stephanie Meyer the next J.K. Rowlings? Well maybe not, she may just be the new best thing. You can't really compare vampires to wizards. Harry Potter seems to have gotten the attention of a younger crowd, where as the Twilight series has a more young adult feel to it. It deals with a more mature theme.
    With the gigantic fan base that these books have, the movie is believed to make it even bigger. The movie hasn't even come out yet and scenes from the movie are already hitting YouTube. Too many teens seem to be taking these book very seriously, with t-shirts reading characters names on them. 
     The books are good, but some of the attention that they are getting are ridiculous. It's not a story that is based on real life issues. I guess in a way you can relate to some of the issues in the book from a metaphorical point of view.
      Twilight is the new fad now that Harry Potter is over with. We have all grown up thinking of vampires as evil and seen the ever so popular character of Buffy slaying them and saving the humans. Now with this new series we have fallen in love with the vampires who have chosen not to feed on the human race.
It's funny to see how the views of vampires change over the years and the different ways to kill them, and the new powers that they develop. The creatures are changing with the time, and the fans are loving every minute of it.
In Stephanie Meyers Series she neglects to describe Bella the character's appearance, which gives female readers the ability to picture themselves as that character. This could be one of the most brilliant methods an author has used. I truly lets you become the character. Which makes the book an escape from the real world.
When the first book in the series came out fans were instantly craving more and were demanding to know what happens next, faster than the publishers released the books. It was insane, the movie for the first book hasn't even hit theaters yet and the fans want to know when the second movie is coming out. 
After all the attention that Stephanie Meyer is getting from her twilight series, it makes one wonder if she is under stress to come up with a new series to out due twilight.